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BlueInsta streamlines your different departments on the one terminal for better communication and sharing.

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As an organization, it is quite indispensable to keep an eye on all the resources and back office functions in order to run the business seamlessly. Enterprise Resource Planning is an outstanding approach that manages all the facets of an operation including planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing. BlueInsta ERP solution integrates all these departments and executes them on single database architecture so that it can better serve the specific needs of each integrated entity in the organization.

Benefits associated with BlueInsta ERP

Inerun’s BlueInsta solution helps you to transform your business and allow it to upsurge with the unified technique of modular approach. ERP software vanquishes the way of handling an operation in finance, HR, manufacturing and the warehouse on an old standalone system. It automates the single unified software program that works on different software modules and gathered all the business entities on a single platform.

Operational Efficiency Achieve real time insight and enable operational preeminence for business processes that you need- present & forth.

Enhance profitability BlueInsta enhance the overall efficiency of a business and strengthens your business prospects with the customers.

Optimize Investments You will enable to optimize the investments through monitoring and controlling expenses of the inventory.

Modular approach ERP software provides the outstanding reporting services by building up an information delivery model which accumulates information from the different entities of business in a hierarchical approach.