by inerun

Cloud Computing Services

A complete solution for AWS Cloud Hosting, Cloud management and Professional email services to meet your Organizational needs. If you are building a corporate website or an e-commerce portal or some demanding web Application, our cloud Administration solution can help you power your Application and provide much needed support. inerun's cloud Administration solutions comprise of a whole range of services –

AWS services for cloud hosting: World class AWS service for hosting your web application with round the clock customer support. Select your own specification as per requirement and enjoy the impeccable services. The extensive AWS services includes public Cloud, private cloud, cloud storage, database support etc.

Server management: Our Management services are designed to address the entire server needs for an organization. We ensure better server utilization and increased performance. It includes Server Monitoring, capacity Analysis, troubleshooting, backup management, security management, maintenance etc.

Corporate email services: We provide the organizations with secure email services. Get professional email with company domains.

inerun's cloud administration services are aimed at providing maximum performance yet cost effective service for your organization. It’s a complete solution for your Organizations web based needs.