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Introducing InstaScholar- a robust platform to create and conduct examinations online.An easy to use and reliable software program for the test management which records all details of users and helps in analyzing the results of bulk aspirants simultaneously.

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InstaScholar equipped with robust backend feature enables user to create question papers, categories and sub categories etc. There is a complete registration system for the test aspirants which records the complete details of candidates and analyze the results.

Get the power of enhanced and managed software solution for customizing and conducting examinations online and vanquish the gravel of manual method.

Quality features of ready to use inerun’s InstaScholar

Question bank & centralized data management With the customized feature of InstaScholar, you will able to create the question banks to conduct the examinations and anytime access the centralized data.

Instant evaluations of test papers The result of test papers are being evaluated instantly and precisely so that aspirants get the fair judgment.

Simplified management of candidate Each candidate has the separate profile on this platform and leads to the better management.

Choose different packages InstaScholar built with different packages which are totally customizable. You can set up image, brand logo, change background image and several other attributes in your customize package.