Customer Experience: Moving Prospects from Awareness to Action

Customer Experience: Moving Prospects from Awareness to Action

With a fact well known that customers value trustworthiness of the brand and customer relationship support the most, more and more service providers are working towards improving these. When excellent service and support comes from any agency, the customers tend to take less time reaching to that action stage and this is why nowadays the focus is on moving the prospect customer base from mere awareness to action. The content of the site too should be aligned the same way with phases of awareness, interest, desire and action covered in the mentioned format.

When we talk of awareness, an integral part of your content called keyword is going to say it all. Visitors are looking in for detailed information and it is a service provider who has to ensure that they are offered all that they want in the form of articles or infographics or videos. Coming to the interest phase, this is the point at which the prospects are going to differentiate your brand with that of your competitor and this means over here you need to give enough evidences in the form of rankings and awards. When it is about desire, the keywords will come into action and you have to use these to give some impressive and interesting details in the form of comparisons, charts and videos.

Last is the action phase, in this you just need to ensure that the customers seals in that transaction without any delay. This is where you can come out with those sales and deals to add to the chances of final purchase. All this will deliver results only if there is an action plan, so, make sure that identify the keywords, relate the content to these and see that no gaps exist. Optimization is to be done by an expert agency ensuring that all those metrics are met to the fullest. You have to go with a content development agency that does the job of creating compelling and SEO friendly content. With all this the level of interaction is going to improve and this is going to easily move customers from that awareness stage to action one.


by inerun