Launching Community Mobilization App for an NGO

Launching Community Mobilization App for an NGO

Since many years, people of the society perceive girls and women as economic and family burdens. On the other side, they consider sons as their soles heir. Even today many people, especially in rural or backward areas overlook or devalue the work done by women and in turn, perpetuate the trend of discriminating girls and women.

Conditions of women and girls mostly remained bad in families, in between their relatives and even in the entire society. They seldom get the opportunity to participate in decisions pertaining towards their educational choices, career streams and their own lives.

Even though the country has undergone drastic progress in almost every field, such as health and medicine, travel and tourism, games and sports, business and technology; condition of women in most of the places, particularly in rural areas are worst. Most of the feminine gender individuals continue to deprive of their rights to select educational courses, career path, mobility and health. In other words, traditional norms continue since a long time.

Community Mobilization App and its Prime Objectives

Hence, in order to uplift the condition of each woman and young girl belonging to varying cities of India or to work for women empowerment program, at Inerun, we have developed an innovative Community Mobilization App on ANDROID platform for an NGO Trust and helping in its operations. Main objectives of the program will include:

  • Firstly, the app aims at prevention of violence in opposition to girls and women by simply transforming cultures and norms, which activate it. Professional app developers working under Inerun Group have carried out this objective by simply forming a critical mass comprises of various change agents, all of whom would stand for human rights within their own spheres and even beyond them.

  • After this, Inerun experts associated with launch of community mobilization app for NGO Group has called for Right Advocates. During the few years, individuals involved in the program of Right Advocates have bought significant changes within their own lives by their abilities to deal with challenging norms promoting towards discrimination of gender as well as violence in opposition to girls and women.

  • Lastly, Community Mobilization app provides an option of Opinion Poll on different problems and thereby, forms important part of various surveys performed by NGO Trust or Breakthrough Group.

One can download the app at:


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