All about RPA & Its Benefits to the Travel Industry


All about RPA & Its Benefits to the Travel Industry

Any business venture never goes without its business challenges. Some of the challenges can be particular for any particular industry; however most of the industries have same and common challenges in their way of success. Whether it is a small business or a large corporate, it has to face numerous problems while going on its way to success. Increased competition, escalating expectations of customers for quality services, managing talented staff, increasing efficiency and driving profitability are some of the common challenges which most of the businesses have to come across with. However travel businesses have to face some added challenges. Managing data, booking process and other systems are the ventures that should necessarily be managed efficiently. When all these go wrong, most travelers like to get in touch with a human customer care executive and travel companies are caught in a conundrum. These seek a system that can increase the customer experience for efficiency.

Where companies fail to maintain this balance in a right way, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes up to handle the situation. This is where Robotic Process Automation automates and virtualizes the booking process. RPA makes entire booking process automated from very beginning to completion with little or no manual interfere. Basically, RPA is a technology-based solution which puts employees back at the heart of travel industry. It gives travel agents freedom from making data entry and other transaction processing. The system also allows travel companies to reduce operational costs and investment they do to raise the customer experience.

RPA noticeably and permanently decreases the cost of circuit and transaction processing, and it ensures delivering enormous savings for those travel companies that implement it for automating their booking process. It makes the entire process of booking system automated with efficient results which means professionals or employees can spend comparatively less time on data processing task and they become free having more time for working on those things that make major differences to their travel business.

Researches show that RPA can save at least 30 percent of total cost spent on across functions such as finance and accounting. It is said that about 43 percent of travel companies deploy RPA system to reduce cost spent. These are able to save more than 20 percentage of cost spend on full-time workers. The experts also report that some other functions including front-office, customer management, sales, and supply chain could benefit from RPA.

A large global travel management company having turnover of millions of dollars of revenue each year may not be able of collecting airline commissions due to the awkward processes for calculating commissions and submitting payment. Most of agents struggle with the bulky process, they often make mistakes. Deployment of Robotic Process Automation can address many of such issues by developing an automated system of this cumbersome process.


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