Why Travel Industry Needs Cross Device Presence

Why Travel Industry Needs Cross Device Presence

Travelling has become a part of life. Every other person is inclined to travel for some reason or the other to different parts of the world. The travelers would procure information easily these days with the help of mobile, but now there are people who have already started storing on the desktop the entire details of the flight and stay and the required expenses.

The best way the marketers need to do is get connected with the customers for the entire process right from the booking of the hotel, flight and the agencies should be able to deliver a perfect and consistent brand experience to the customers irrespective of whatever device they are using.

Devices used by a customer can vary by the time they end up booking the package deal. This is how it goes - the customer who is always busy and want to go for a weekend holiday would search out for a good beach resort on the mobile while travelling to the office. Then while on work search, out for the best travel deals on the desktop, then on returning home scrutinize those deals on the tablet and select the best one and the following morning select the best package offer on the laptop.

Here the single customer uses five devices, but on the other side, the marketer finds five people using different devices.

Nowadays the marketers can display a campaign on multiple channels with a hope to be connected in an effective manner. Through the cross-device, the customer is in a position to purchase the package. Therefore, the marketer is able to benefit in different ways, such as:

Targeting the right customer

Arriving the conclusion the number of times the customer is exposed to their message. Usage of the cross device will help the marketer to decide a true frequency cap as to how many times an ad is shown to a particular customer.

Various brand messaging

Suppose the customer wants to be on a particular beach and if the customer gets to know about the hotel in the same location, will add up to their information and ultimately end up buying the package deal. This makes the dealing much easier both for the customer as well as for the marketer.

Cross-device is the best measurement

The cross device is the best measurement and right means of campaigning that will drive to the deal.


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