Travinsta - A Complete Booking System for Hotels


Travinsta - A Complete Booking System for Hotels

If you are in hotel business, you would like to run it smoothly handling everything with great ease. Conducting your business activities smartly and providing your guests with an excellent experience are the keys to grow your business. Booking is one of the most important processes that need great effort and care. You traditionally have to hire a team of professionals to handle the process. In spite of it, you might have to face inconveniences. It would be better to create an online booking system. Yes, Travinsta is here to create a booking system at your official website. Rich in features, Travinsta is a ready to use booking engine platform. You can use it to manage everything related to your booking process starting from inventory to offers.

It develops a smart solution of online booking for hotels. The proven booking system brings online bookings directly from across the country and beyond the boundaries. The Booking software has been designed and developed with incredibly ease keeping in mind. Loaded with innovative features, Travinsta offers great convenience for your customers to book rooms at your hotel. The ease and convenience connect your clients directly to you moving the middlemen aside. It helps both you and your customers save money. Your customers feel happy by booking rooms without paying commission to any agent. Thus the online booking system increases your hotel's productivity and revenue by attracting more customers.

Features of Travinsta
Travinsta has following features which have made this, the most preferred online booking system for the hotel business.

24*7 Chat Support: The software offers site visitors 24*7 chat supports. It helps you come in contact with visitors who can be converted into your customers. By providing suitable answers of visitors' queries, you will get a chance to win their trust and can generate a lead. Thus it will help you improve the productivity.

Multi-language Support: By supporting multiple languages, the software makes your online booking system more effective and efficient. For the people coming from different states and countries, it provides the capability to book rooms at your hotel.

Fully Customizable: As per your business requirements, properties and specifications, you can customize your booking system because Travinsta is fully customizable booking software.

User-friendly Dashboard: Travinsta booking engine is user-friendly software; from the user-friendly administrative part, the bookings, offers, rates, and availability of rooms for different durations are set, and all these can be viewed from the front end by visitors.

Sufficient Uploading Features: You can upload various things and details about the availability of rooms, room status, offers, rates, and very easily. You can also see the detailed report about all bookings.

Offer Management: Through the innovative features of Travinsta, you can streamline your offer management. Creating the offer and maintaining them for a special occasion can be easily done on the basis of booking date, stay duration and room types.

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