Tips To Build A Credible Ecommerce Website

Tips To Build A Credible Ecommerce Website

Having a great looking e-commerce site would not suffice as the prime goal is to bring in customers to the site and for this you need a site that looks trustworthy. Although the trend of online shopping has gained enough momentum, still buyers prefer going in for a platform that is credible as they are not willing in to invest their time on something that appears dubious. Buyers wont take more than a second to make out whether a site is authentic or not and this is what acts a big challenge for the e-commerce site owners. Some cheat codes that would help build a credible e-commerce website are:

  • Ensure that the landing page creates that unwavering first impression as this will cut down the bounce rate to a great extent.

  • Do not go in for that super complicated sign up form, go in for something smooth and easy else the visitors wont show any interest.

  • Make things easy for the visitors, allow them to checkout the items they buy without registration this will cut on the time that goes into the purchase and this would lead to more purchases.

  • Go for a search bar on the top of the page, this will make it easy for the buyers to find what they are looking in for in a short time.

  • Breadcrumb navigation will make it easy for the buyers to adjust their preferences and that too without starting from the very first step, go in for this without a fail.

  • Get a trust certificate and place it on the landing page as this is going to build trust of the customers and they would start filing items in the cart without any apprehension.

  • Live chat is one such option that makes visitors feel special and personally attended, ensure that you include this as a part of the site functionality.

  • Have ratings and reviews of the products, this is going to act as a proof that the products have already been bought and used by many.

  • Make sure that you have policies in an easy to comprehend format on the site this reassures customers, also indicate all the charges clearly and do not hide any add-on costs as this would irritate the buyers.

One last thing, consider a pro to work on the ecommerce site development process as then only you can be rest assured that all latest features and functionalities are integrated in the end product.


by inerun