How Technology has Altered the Way We Travel?

How Technology has Altered the Way We Travel?

In the recent years, the world has witnessed much drastic advancement in the avenues of science and technology. This has taken place in the form of Smartphones and its exclusive applications, mobiles, internet facilities, GPS and other related systems. Especially, introduction of innovative apps has changed the scenario of travel and tourism to a huge extent. Few of them are

Traveling Websites Helpful in Planning Trip

Currently, while browsing the internet, one can find large numbers of traveling websites, which play big roles in helping people to plan their trips. These include


Expedia is a popular website, which not only allows individuals in choosing perfect tourism venues for honeymoon, with friends, adventurous and pilgrim venues, but also provides relevant information about transportation means, like buses, air facilities and trains to help weary travelers.


Mobissimo is another popular website that helps travelers in finding almost everything requires making their journey with lots of enjoyment. These are information about hotels, flights, vacations, cars and lots more.

Statistical Facts

Until now, more than 90 percent of people located in different parts of the world have availed plenty of benefits from online travel and tourism websites.

Traveling Apps for Tourists

User-friendly Android applications let users to find large numbers of travel apps for tourists.

  • Firstly, you will find Tripit Travel Organizer, which takes e-mail accounts of users and provide confirmation number for every flight, car, hotel and often dinner reservation into properly organized itinerary within a single place.
  • After this, one can choose for Jetsetter app featuring flash traveling sales and their clearances, along with professional level of photography for global exotic destinations.
GPS Navigation System in Vehicles and in Phone Devices

Few years ago, car, bus and other vehicle drivers faced too much difficulty in finding homes, offices, roads and other properties in any unknown city. However, the introduction of new GPS navigation system installed in vehicles and in Android-operated Smartphone devices has changed this scenario completely.

The reason for this is that every individual can now download GPS system into Android device to found navigation in simple and in easy way.

Survey Report of GPS Navigators

According to the latest survey about usage statistics of GPS Navigators, it has been found that the app has become useful and popular in between 140 millions of users worldwide.


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